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A review of the Altra Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoes. "The Altra Lone Peak 5 is the best all-around trail shoe Altra has ever created."

Bytom caughlanon April 22, 2021 |14 comments

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Altra Lone Peak 5 Review

OPico Other Solitaire 5($ 130)is the next iteration in the Lone Peak lineage, an iconic trail running and ultra running shoe that has now become a favorite in the hiking world as well. Many choose this shoe for a good reason; The Lone Peak has always had a very comfortable upper, reliable cushioning and rock plate, and what some of us would describe as a glorious toe box. At the starting line of any trail race, there are always a large number of runners using the latest model, which luckily for them, hasn't changed much since Lone Peak's inception.

I will say that the latest models looked more or less the same, which is usually a good thing. While I loved 4.0 and 4.5, I started to gravitate towards otherrunning shoesin my stable when the Lone Peak damping started to flatten out after about 50 to 100 miles on different models, creating an almost hollowed-out feel. I didn't mind taking them out to pasture much, as Lone Peaks are always my go-to shoes for hiking, camping, and yard work.

Looks like Altra has finally granted my request for myLone Peak Review Oct 4, 2018. In this review, I asked why Altra chose to continue using their A-Bound foam midsole instead of switching to the more resilient AltraEGO foam midsole found on models like the Escalante. I personally think putting the AltraEGO midsole into the Lone Peak 5 created the best Lone Peak model yet.

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The Altra Lone Peak 5. All photos: iRunFar

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Altra Lone Peak 5 superior

OPico Other Solitaire 5The upper has a tapered fit that suits people who love a wide toe box and a closed heel and midfoot that keeps the foot in place on steep terrain. The Lone Peak 4 struggled with drainage and became sponge-like in wet conditions, while I felt the upper of the Lone Peak 4.5 was almost hard and brittle after becoming saturated with sweat and dust. The Lone Peak 5 is a great balance of effective drainage due to laser-cut holes around the toe box and rand, and soft, breathable mesh windows in all the right places.

The heel is malleable, which works well on this zero drop shoe, and the heel collar and gusseted tongue work great together and I never felt the need to readjust. The Lone Peak 5 is compatible with Altra's Gait Trap, which works great, although I haven't used it.gaitersin this model There really is nothing to complain about with the top of the Lone Peak 5.

Altra Lone Peak 5 review (2)

A side view of the Altra Lone Peak 5.

Altra Lone Peak 5 Midsole

it's in the midsolePico Other Solitaire 5where the company has made some smart design changes while still maintaining the overall Lone Peak feel and legacy. Let's examine the stack heights and corresponding weights of the last three iterations in this handy chart:

ModelLone Peak 4Lone Peak 4.5Lone Peak 5
Pile Height (Zero Drop)25 mm21 mm28 mm
Weight (US Men's Size 9)10.7 ounces10.6 ounces10.4 ounces

So what Altra managed to do was create a lighter Lone Peak with a higher pile height and a much stronger and more protective AltraEGO foam. The ride is more responsive and responsive than previous versions of the Lone Peaks, and it's hard to say if it's the StoneGuard or the increased midsole height that provides more protection on technical terrain.

Altra Lone Peak 5 review (3)

The medial view of the Altra Lone Peak 5.

Altra Lone Peak 5 Sole

Altra continues to use their tried and true MaxTrac sole, and thePico Other Solitaire 5it has handles placed under the metatarsals for better traction, which they call the TrailClaw. You honestly couldn't tell the difference as this shoe has traction like many all-around running shoes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test the sole on wet rocks or roots, but in dry and rocky conditions, traction was good.

(Video) ALTRA Lone Peak 7 First Impressions | Maxtrac finally lives up to its name

The rudder still exists, dangling from the back of the shoe, taunting me. While it continues to shrink in size, I find it hard to believe that this feature does more than just add weight to the sole. Altra may have extensively researched and developed this feature, but after removing it from several Altras, I haven't noticed any difference. Give us the Altra survey!

Altra Lone Peak 5 review (4)

Other Other Pico Solitaire 5.

General impressions of the Altra Lone Peak 5

I think hePico Other Solitaire 5it's the best all-around trail shoe Altra has ever created. I will even say that I like it better than my beloved Timp 2! The combination of branding on the upper even more so than before, combined with the AltraEGO midsole foam is a winner. If my previous experience with this midsole on other Altra models is any predictive indicator, runners will have no problem running the Lone Peak 5 500. I'm sure we'll see this model heavily represented.

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Altra Lone Peak 5 other versions

For those looking for plus sizes, rejoice! The Lone Peak 5 comes in awide version. And if it's water resistance and extra warmth you're looking for, you might be interested in thewaterproof versionfrom Lone Peak 5.

call for comments

  • Are you running Altra Lone Peak 5? If so, please share your thoughts on the shoe in general.
  • Have you also raced in previous editions of Lone Peak? What do you think of the updates made to this version, especially the new foam in the midsole?

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Altra Lone Peak 5 review (5)

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A top view of Altra Lone Peak 5.

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