Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (2023)

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (1)

sneakersThey're a great introduction to the world of barefoot shoes: they have a foot-shaped toe box, a zero-drop sole, and a durable outsole that protects you from the elements. The Lone Peak is Altra's most versatile line that can be used for hikes, trail runs and everyday activities. Check out my Altra review below!

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  1. My first contact with Altra
  2. Altra's place in the world of minimalist footwear
  3. Altra Lone Peak 5 Review
  4. Altra Fit Type
    • sizing
    • Fußform
    • Volume
  5. Same shoe, different foot
  6. Altra VS Other Barefoot Shoe Brands
  7. Community Feedback
  8. Diploma

My first contact with Altra

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (2)

OthersIt was the first brand of minimalist shoes that I accidentally discovered. My podiatrist sent me to a running shoe store to buy stiff shoes that would fit my brace. I bought and returned no less than 5 pairs of fancy shoes because they ALL have spikes and poke my big toe. My big toe is the reason I went there! He needed something that wouldn't hurt him! And by the way, I wasn't a runner, actually I wasn't even active at the time. Don't be fooled into thinking that only athletes need to take care of their feet.

Finally, I got a customer service representative who brought me some Altras and when I put these pups in the sky, the heavens opened up and the angels sang. I was looking for that now! Finally a shoe that I could put my foot in without deforming my toes. Why the heck most shoes are pointy at the end (right where your toes are widest) is beyond me, but I was happy to find something with a natural foot shape.

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (3)

Brief terms of reference
*barefoot shoe– A foot cover that does not restrict movement of the foot – As little footwear as possible, with a wide toe box and thin sole. You feel barefoot in it.
*minimalist shoe– A shoe without the “technology” of arch support, heel stabilizers and other artificial supports. It is sometimes used as a synonym for barefoot shoes, but not necessarily as thin and flexible.(like others).
*natural shoes- Another term for minimalist shoe - shoes that support the natural movement and force of the feet.
*zero drops– Completely flat sole from the toe to the heel. If a zero drop shoe is 10mm thick, it is 10mm thick both under the heel and toe.

I wore these Altras all day every day for months, first with my braces. Over time I switched to thinner soles and today (4 years later) I spend most of my time completely barefoot or in ultra-minimalist shoes. Strong feet for victory!

Read this post to learn more about what makes a shoe healthy.

Altra's place in the world of minimalist footwear

Altra running shoes promote anaturallyWalking because they are zero (completely flat), have a toe box, and have no arch support. These are crucial factors in the shoes we wear. Due to the strong effects on the body, I even refuse to wear anything other than shoes that meet these standards.

I also believe that thin, flexible soles are an important part of foot health. The sensory stimulation and freedom of movement you get from slim barefoot shoes is powerful stuff. Altra soles are 22-30mm thick (depending on the model) instead of the 5mm I usually use.If you're an experienced barefoot runner used to a lot of movement and stimulation on your feet, the Altras will probably feel too bulky.If this is you, take a look at minebarefoot running shoesPost for slimmer options!

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (4)
(Video) Altra Lone Peak 5 - Why is the Lone Peak so Popular for Backpacking and Hiking???? - RMK OUTDOORS

But it can take a long time to get used to stepping on rocks barefoot.natural shoesOptions like the Altra Running are great for people who are new to barefoot footwear. And I use the term "new" loosely. It may take years before you can walk barefoot outside.

Despite this, cushioned soles are a lifetime necessity for some people. Certain health conditions and foot problems can make walking without cushions in your shoes painful or even dangerous. ANDLong-distance runners can also benefit from the extra padding., because if you don't have a near-perfect gait, you'll be fighting barefoot for long distances (not to mention impossible!).

So it's a real treat that you can take advantage of toe space and a flat sole with some cushioning between you and the ground. Now if Altra could develop a shoe with a thin sole, it would be unstoppable 😉

Read this post to learn more about my thoughts on cushioned shoes.

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review

Now that we've put the Altra shoe in context, let's talk about Lone Peak!

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (5)

Pico Other Solitaire 5 | $130 | vegan | Sohle de 25 mm | will grab it

I prefer to be outside in nature, they sayPico Other Solitaire 5it was an obvious choice. They're $130, have a sturdy 25mm thick sole, and are available in US Women's sizes 5.5 - Men's 16. I chose the Ice Flow Blue colorway and it's gorgeous. The Lone Peak family also includes an all-weather version (with a waterproof membrane) and a High Top Hiker.

The Lone Peak 5 is available in 3 widths, each approximately 1/2-inch wider than the other.

  1. A regular for women (what you see in this review)
  2. Women's baggy pants (balsamo green only) OR regular men's pants - they are the same width.
  3. Men's One Width (Blue/Lime Only)

If you're in the UK or EU, check them outeu-tienda!

  • Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (6)
  • Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (7)

I immediately removed and replaced the insoles the Lone Peaks came with.Turnipy Templates, because I love the sensory stimulation I get from them (especially important in minimalist shoes where I can't feel the ground). and i use mine tooInjinji Hidden Sockswith you.

The upper is light but not flimsy, and the soles are moderately flexible.
Some other technical characteristics that Lone Peaks has:

  • A velcro on the back where a gaiter can be attached
  • A rock guard on the back to prevent pebbles from flying at you
  • Drainage holes in the top in case you get soaked.

Durability and profile

I do a lot of hiking and the Altra Lone Peak profile worked great for me. Loose stones, dirt and gravel were not a problem. I wouldn't think of wearing them when wet since they are not waterproof, but for fun I did spin them on pavement even in light rain. I haven't had any problems with slipping, but it seems that some ultra runners have had problems on slippery surfaces (see the community comments section for more information). The All Weather version of the Lone Peak is lined with a waterproof bootie. So if you want to get the most out of this, slipperiness becomes a problem.

Regardless, the sole is durable and strong and should really last a long time.

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Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (8)

Altra Fit Type


I have a US women's size 7 which converts to an EU 38 (I usually wear a 6.5-7 or EU 37 in my sneakers). The 7s are very roomy in the toe box, but I'm happy with the roominess and they fit very well because the laces can be tied together tightly in the arch of my foot. It could have fit 6.5 as well. In my experience they worktrue to size.


Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (9)

The Altras have a generous toe box shape that should suit most foot types as it doesn't drop off much. That means all but the square footage should fit just fine!

Read this post to learn more about the different types of feet.


Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (10)

The Altras are big (or bulky) at the toe box, which is great for people who don't like shoes to press into their toes. But they are tight in the arch and ankle. This gives you maximum safety AND maximum freedom for your toes. Due to the laces, even those of you with arch feet should be able to get a snug fit, but remember that it will be snug.

Same shoe, different foot

See how the Altra Lone Peak adapts to two different feet! On the left we have Becca, who has an extra wide and bulky foot. She fills in the toe box and unties the laces for maximum clearance. Her feet are wide enough that she is willing to move to a greater width (either buying men's or women's widths).

On the right is my foot with a narrow, low-volume heel that is wide to the toes. You can see I'm wearing the laces a lot tighter and there's even some creases on the toe box. But the ankle opening still fits nice and snug, as is the case with Becca. My toes have a lot of room, I can even use themtoes of the right footin them!

  • Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (11)
  • Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (12)

Altra VS Other Barefoot Shoe Brands

Altra is in a class of its own: there is no other brand with soles this thick that ticks all the other boxes for barefoot shoes. But here's a comparison of the toe shape to barefoot, a leading barefoot shoe brand. You can see below that the Altras offer a lot more toe room (but are 20mm thicker).

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (13)

Below are a few other barefoot sneaker brands, ranked from narrowest to the toe. These are just a few of the brands I've tried! Visit thebarefoot shoe finderfor a guide on how to fit them all. And then sign up for email updates below to keep up with the hotfixes.

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (14)

Community Feedback

Altra Lone Peaks seems to have a high satisfaction rating among homeowners! By 32 owners of Lone Peak in thecommunity, only 1 person did not like him. 1 person had fit issues and 3 did not like the thick soles but liked them otherwise. All27 other Lone Peak owners love them.

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (15)

12/32 people recommend a larger size, mainly due to foot swelling during activity. The rest is normal size.

Most people of all shapes and sizes found the regular width just right, but 8/31 said they needed the wide version. Only one person with narrow feet said the shoe was too big overall. The Lone Peak seems to do an excellent job of adapting to all types of feet.

The most common saying is that these are great shoes for high levels of activity. The Altra are a favorite among ultra runners and serious hikers! Check out some of the responses I received from Lone Peak owners:

(Video) Lone Peak 5 vs Superior 5 | Altra trail shoe review

They are true to size, fit my foot shape well and I love them! I live in the northeast where the trails are EXTREMELY rocky. These are soled enough to protect my feet from rock chips and slammed toes, but flexible and thin enough that I can feel some of the ground and feel my feet flex and work. The toe box has plenty of room for my toes to spread. I don't have a waterproof version, but the shoes dry quickly and are very well ventilated, keeping my feet cool in the summer. The profile of mine is finally slim (I've had them for three years), so I'm going to buy a new pair of Lone Peaks.

I love her. I have sensitive skin due to a genetic defect, so I needed more cushioning than the VivoBarefoot tracker for hikes over 8 miles. These are perfect.

I love my Altra Lone Peak. I am now in my third couple of long distance trail runs and currently training for a marathon. I find them to be quite true to size and fit the shape of my foot well. I've tried other Altras and for whatever reason these are my favorite by far. They have a little extra cushioning, which I find useful for rocky trails, but compared to other running shoes, I can still feel the ground as much as I want without the rocks hurting my feet.

(Video) Altra Lone Peak 6 Review | 2022

I have not found a better shoe for long distance backpacking than the Lone Peak! I've been walking on it for about seven years. For everyday use, I like less stack height, but for trips where I'm carrying 20+ pounds of gear and walking 20+ miles a day, the Altras are great. I'm really glad they exist because otherwise you'd have to compromise zero drop and/or roomy toe-out when logging trail miles.

I prefer walking with my five fingers for better fit, toe spacing, and ground feel, but I have the Lone Peaks for colder weather or walking with a backpack. It's close, but not quite the ideal shape and style for my feet and hiking needs, so I'm considering trying a men's version for more width (but I'm concerned about the extra heel width) or an alternative brand like Freet.


high heelsthey have some excellent properties. They're high-quality, have plenty of room for your toes, and are practical for endurance athletes. If you can't be completely barefoot or in super skinny shoes during your activities, consider a brand like Altra instead of the "cast feet" you get from major athletic brands! But be sure to take them off as often as possible so your feet get stronger.

Do you like barefoot shoes? Follow my social media channels to participate!

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Altra Lone Peak 5 Review - Minimalist Trail Shoes | Anya's Comments (16)


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