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Grab your detective hat and dive into the best true crime podcasts available online

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (1)

The best true crime podcasts are the ones you can get drunk on. to those who like thatThe best documentaries on Netflixit must be consumed in one go, to hell with other activities of life. The best true crime podcasts are the ones that seem to be erasing even the longest ride. And the good news is that there is no shortage. The podcast charts have never been so full of murder, hoaxes, fraud, and all sorts of horrible crimes that we somehow feel we should have known about long before a podcast even existed.

But it's also important to make sure we're listening to the right content. Once again, like Netflix's True Crime Docs, the focus has shifted to the stories of victims and she finally got the chance to tell her own stories. This is equally important for podcasts. When a true crime pod calls 911 from wall to wall for a pure, raunchy catchy tune, you might want to find something else.

But luckily there are many alternatives. Some of the best investigative journalists in the world are now working in the medium and taking our time. The immediacy of podcasts means that we can really feel part of the investigation, and this is reflected in the cases recovered, largely thanks to the work of podcasters. It is an amazing achievement.

And if you're looking for the best true crime podcasts to listen to in December 2022, don't miss Kast Media's incredible Lost in Panama. In 2014, Dutch friends Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers disappeared while walking. All that was found were his remains and a backpack containing a digital camera with photos. In seven episodes, journalists Mariana Atencio and Jeremy Kryt investigate the case and travel to Panama to discover the truth. He is persuasive and hard to listen to.

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The best true crime podcasts of the moment

30. On the brink of reality

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (2)

Audible's brilliant exclusive podcast has pitched itself as the story TV is too afraid to tell, and that might just be right. Hosted by Jacques Peretti, Edge of Reality explores the growing number of deaths linked to reality television productions. The podcast harkens back to the early days of reality TV and ignored warning signs in search of cheap entertainment. Interviewing producers, contestants, and dozens of others connected to the multibillion-dollar industry, Peretti uncovers some downright disturbing truths. You can't help but feel complicit in this dangerous game when those abused by the system break their confidentiality agreements and finally speak up. Get ready to see some blockbuster shows in a whole different way before shutting them down entirely.

29. Do you know Mordecai?

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (3)

There are a number of brilliant true crime podcasts out there right now exposing the serial scams of some pretty egregious con artists. Do You Know Mordechai is a particular highlight, as Canadian journalist Kathleen Goldhar not only has a personal friendship with one of Mordechai Horowitz's victims, but she also interviews the man himself.

This limited series is a devastating investigation into the victims of a serial scammer who pathologically lied to untold numbers of women after meeting them on Tinder. Unlike the likes of Netflix Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev, it wasn't just about the money, but as the podcast progressed, more and more betrayed women came forward and painted a grim picture of Mordecai's wake. Goldhar's journey into the psyche of the man himself is particularly intriguing as he interviews his family members and especially those who are no longer ashamed to speak.

28. Dulce Bobby

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (4)

None of us believe that we are being fished. That's what makes the perspective so compelling when it comes to a true crime podcast, because we like to think we're immune, that we're not being duped. But when you hear the story of Kirat, a woman in the UK who fell victim to what may be one of the world's most sophisticated catfishing scams, you may think differently. Sweet Bobby is officially one of the weirdest and most disturbing scams out there, as her cravings are not for money but for control. And he comes up with some of the most jaw-dropping true crime moments since The Jinx.

Deftly narrated by Tortoise Media's Alexi Mostrous, Sweet Bobby is a six-part series, but Mostrous will continue to cover the case. The problem with a crime like this is that the UK police have trouble finding the exact crime that was committed. A stolen identity is just the beginning, and sophisticated use of social media isn't against the law either, even by nefarious means. Yes, we're kidding for a reason, but go ahead and listen. Sweet Bobby is one of the best true crime podcasts of 2021.

27. Bad Blood: The Final Chapter

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (5)

True crime podcasts are full of scams and con artists, but few of these cases are as public and brazen as that of Elizabeth Holmes. In case you haven't heard the name, this is the mind-blowing story of investing billions in a medtech company called Theranos, founded by Holmes. Holmes told the world that she had developed machines that could perform blood tests with just a drop of blood from a finger. The only problem, even after endless amounts of money invested in the company, was that it didn't.

Bad Blood: The Final Chapter is hosted by journalist John Carreyrou, who broke the original story that all was not as it seemed on Theranos. Carreyrou wrote a book about the case and is now back with this podcast as Holmes has his day in court. This is a story about the corrupt culture of Silicon Valley and what happens when lives are suddenly on the line when someone tries to be the Steve Jobs of medicine. Now complete with Elizabeth Holmes' court verdict, this is an absolutely compelling listen. And the advantage is that you will also want to read the book immediately after.

(Video) When Mean Girls Become Murderers

26. Dark Web Diaries

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (6)

Rightfully so, most of the best true crime podcasts come from the survivor's perspective; on the side of law and order to put the puzzle together and solve the case. Not always the Darknet Diaries. Hidden under the rocks of the cyber world, this Venn diagram of technology and true crime interviews hackers, security auditors and professional analysts. Jack Rhysider's storytelling technique is particularly entertaining as it turns each interviewee into a quotable part of his own story while focusing on the facts. Whether it's talking to Xbox hackers or those who have dedicated themselves full-time to thinking like a criminal, each story is a fascinating dive into a world that will really make you want to learn two-factor authentication to enable and use a password. manager. Well-researched, smart, and never too obsessed with jargon, the Darknet Diaries is grim but brilliant stuff at times.

25. Fraud

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (7)

There is never a shortage of con men and women on true crime podcasts, but they are usually stories narrated by a journalist or host. Don't fool the scam. Produced and hosted by two sisters, Emma and Sarah Ferris, this is a podcast that grew out of Emma's direct experience of meeting a guy on Tinder who was trying to scam her out of $300,000. Unbelievably, Emma has set a record and has spoken to the police, which means we're sharing the experience of her turning the tables on a man named Andrew Tonks.

This is an amazing and personal story, but the sisters also bring in a psychologist, Dr. Sophie Muir, who discusses the innovative psychopathic behavior of those trying to scam us. This means that the multi-part podcast is not just Emma's story of strength in the midst of a situation that would honestly have most of us crawling under a rock, but also an inspiring and educational guide to making sure we don't fall for the wrong thing. same. way to fall Because as we learn, it's a lot easier than any of us like to think.

24. Chasing Cosby

Chasing Cosby can be an exceptionally difficult listening experience, but that's what makes it so important. Hosted by journalist Nicki Wiesensee Egan, this Los Angeles Times podcast interviews several women who were victims of Bill Cosby, as well as those involved in his prosecution. The fact that this is only a small percentage of the women he has sexually abused should be shocking enough, but the scale of Cosby's criminal behavior and decades of deceit are a chilling reminder of the power of fame.

In just six episodes and one additional episode, Weisensee Egan paints a devastating picture of the damage caused by an inept legal system that only one woman, Andrea Constand, was able to bring to justice. But the stories here are also survival stories. These are women who have not been able to talk to anyone about their experiences before. Sadly, Cosby's story isn't the only one of its kind, but podcasts like this deliver a much-needed message.

23. Finding Q: My Journey to Q Anon

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (9)

Cults and conspiracy theories are staples of true crime, making the rise of right-wing QAnon an irresistibly hot topic for true crime podcasts. But few documentaries even come close to what journalist Nicky Woolf achieves in Finding Q. In his relentless search for Q's true identity, he falls down the rabbit hole, sending journalists to media-free QAnon conventions and He tracks the movements of those who are after him on the infamous Q posting sites.

Woolf also addresses so-called "Q victims," ​​those who have lost family and friends to outlandish far-right conspiracy theories, adding an essential humanity to this journey. From the outside, it may seem ridiculous for anyone to believe that Democrats regularly engage in satanic blood-drinking rituals, but these are the dangerous beliefs that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Woolf's narrative style is wry and entertaining throughout. , but never at the expense of their subjects. Finding Q is an Audible podcast, which means you'll need a subscription to listen to it, but this is the perfect excuse you've been looking for. Captivating things.

22. The missing crypto queen

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (10)

The best true crime podcasts aren't just about the worst murders. BBC Sounds' The Missing Cryptoqueen is about one of today's biggest cryptocurrency scams, and frankly, it's an amazing listen. dr. Ruja Ignatova, the founder of One Coin, had it all... Full of lectures, fame, magazine covers and everyone's money, which means things got very, very strange when she disappeared without a trace. But, as strange as it sounds, not strange enough to stop people from investing in One Coin.

This is Jamie Bartlett's incredible investigation into the disappearance of Ignatova and the One Coin multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme. His search for the truth uncovers the sad stories of the victims of the One Coin scam; ordinary people who have lost thousands thanks to aggressive and persuasive sales techniques. The global stories are heartbreaking, but Bartlett's breakdown of gambling psychology and techniques really brings to life how these scams can really happen to anyone. He adds in the discussions with those lucky enough to be at the top of the chain and this is a compelling deep dive. Oh, and in December 2022 they're still looking.

21. No strings attached

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (11)

Some murders seem like they should be fiction. Let's face it, it would be a lot easier to sleep if they were. No Strings Attached is a deep dive into the case of Emile Cilliers and his plan to murder his wife by sabotaging her parachute. Fortunately, and miraculously, Vicky Cilliers survived. Emile's despicable quest for his wife's life insurance money and the chance to be with another woman is being investigated by ITV news correspondent Robert Murphy. While this may seem as easy as a tabloid case of shock and horror, this story is told brilliantly, compassionately, and most importantly, with extensive interviews with the police involved in the case.

The dogged determination of Wiltshire Police has uncovered the terrifying true nature of Cillier's many crimes and sordid history and this is a fascinating look into the layers of an investigation. Detective Constable Maddy Hennah is a particularly incredible interviewee who reveals a passion for the case that gives hope to those who doubt justice is being served. The focus on coercive control also sheds a lot of light on an important issue that is gaining importance within the justice system. Also worth listening to is Robert Murphy's second true crime podcast, Catching Melanie's Killer, a cold case investigation now resolved with much the same relentless police work even after 32 years.

20. You must remember Manson

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (12)

enter the tarantinosonce upon a time in hollywood(opens in a new tab)ymindhunter season 2(opens in a new tab), it's clear that Charles Manson still looks hideous more than half a century after his crimes. But whoguerraCharlie Manson, what have he and his family done?Reallydo, and what the hell did he doThat beatleswhat to do with something? This is where Karina Longworth comes in. An eleven-part series featured on her Hollywood podcast, You Gotta Remember This, her immersion in the Manson story is essential true crime listening.

Delving into the disturbing details of the murders - masterfully investigated, of course - Longworth offers a colorful snapshot of the time itself. She effortlessly revives the Hollywood of the late '60s, when the movie industry was desperately revamping itself to be relevant amid the newborn flower power remains. Atmospheric and with the occasional excellent voice actor, You Must Remember Manson is a perfect if not terrifying history lesson.

19. Dirty John

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (13)

How dirty is the eponymous John, you may be wondering? Well, so dirty is the embarrassing John Meehan that he inspired this Los Angeles Times podcast, a docu-series,ya Netflix show starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton from Nashville. This is definitely the best place to start, as journalist Christopher Goffard deftly guides us through the entire haunting story in six episodes.

After a whirlwind romance of just a few months, a 59-year-old woman marries Debra Newell, whom she considers the love of her life. Sure, none of his adult children trust him, but really, how bad can John be when he's so helpful and loving all the time? Spoilers: Bad. Really, very bad. Debra and her family give their souls to Goffard. What's really remarkable, though, isn't just his honesty, but the truly terrifying notion that we don't really know other people the way we think we do.

And if you can't get enough of Christopher Goffard's style of true crime journalism, his Detective Trapp series is an extraordinary look into the life of a Los Angeles homicide detective. It's only five episodes long, though the emotional impact means it's not easy to listen to.

(Video) A Night of Partying Turned Deadly for Instagram Model & Her Friend (True Crime Documentary)

18. Live and die in Los Angeles

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (14)

Los Angeles is so attractive from the outside. The palm trees, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the promise of becoming a superstar is just an audition away. This draws aspiring actress and model Adea Shabani to the city like a moth to a flame, and there she disappears from her apartment complex without a trace. In To Live and Die in Los Angeles, Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss tries to find out exactly what happened to Adea, and what he discovers is truly extraordinary.

While there's a core secret at its core, this podcast feels very different from the others on this list. Strauss's investigation feels instantaneous and constant, like flying through the seat of his pants and falling down a rabbit hole of clues and lies. Equally riveting and utterly heartbreaking, this is raw, basic journalism that will get under your skin.

17. Who the hell is Hamish?

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (15)

Are you done with the teacher's pet? It's time to say hello to Hamish, a podcast also from The Australian newspaper. Listen to this and Dirty John back to back and you will most likely never trust anyone you meet online again. thanks internet From the outside, with his expensive cars and his elegant smile, Hamish Watson is an affable businessman and a charming person.

Dig below the permanently tanned surface though, and this is a man who stole over $7 million from innocent people around the world and left broken hearts everywhere. Journalist Greg Bearup is a perfect storyteller here, giving Hamish's many victims a platform to tell his story, with all the time and space they need. Terrifying on as many levels as minimum, Who the Hell is Hamish is a good reason to Google your Tinder matches. Twice.

16. The dream

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (16)

Are multi-level marketing (MLM) companies really a crime? Can it really be bad to throw parties where everyone is selling products to each other? Well, it turns out that if your friend who constantly posts links to his Arbonne products on your Facebook wall seems to be in a cult, in a way he is. Emmy-winning journalist and former producer of This American Life, Jane Marie, delves into the seedy world of MLM in this captivating 11-part podcast.

While companies like Amway swear they're not a pyramid scheme, "because that would be illegal," the laws surrounding the structure of MLMs are incredibly vague. Jane Marie interviews stakeholders at all levels of MLM and discovers the fascinating truth behind these sophisticated exercises in psychology, manipulation, and, of course, cash. In the style of the X-Files, it turns out that nefarious goes up here.

Even better is the fact that Season 2 is also available, in which Jane Marie explores the culture of wellness and the myriad products associated with it in the US. If you've ever had questions about Goop, supplements and oils essentials that "change your life at the cellular level," find out here that, unsurprisingly, they are all lies.

15. called

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (17)

The best true crime podcasts bring us to the ears of the investigation first. They make us feel really involved. Few series do this as spectacularly as Cold. Susan Powell disappeared in 2009 and although she was a suspect from the beginning, her husband Josh has never been charged or arrested and her body has never been found. Dave Cawley breaks down the case to the last detail in eighteen hour episodes and three additional full-lengths. This is not a quick fix for real crimes. Stories like this take time.

As we hear interviews with key people, members of the Powell family and the detective who worked on the case, Cawley does his own digging and investigation, revealing details from Susan's diary and records from the Powell house. The story itself is deeply disturbing and frustrating, as Cawley reveals the desperation of the police at the time, that he was unable to find evidence of Susan's husband's guilt before tragedy struck again. But the case is, as the title says, Cold, and Cawley is still deeply involved, tracking GPS movements since 2009 and trying to find his way to hard drives. It's not easy, but Cold is fundamental investigative journalism.

14. someone

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (18)

In 2016, Shapearl Wells' son Courtney was found with a gunshot wound outside a Chicago police station. Although he was called for an ambulance, he died four minutes before reaching the hospital. The Somebody podcast is Wells' truly disturbing investigation into what happened to his son. Many true crime podcasts feature interviews with people directly connected to the case and are difficult enough to listen to, but being guided through an investigation by Courtney's own mother is a challenging experience.

Working with Tenderfoot TV, Wells worked with two journalists from Chicago's The Invisible Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to holding public institutions like the police accountable through investigative reporting. Here at Somebody, Wells examines and discusses the clear bias when it comes to the murder of a black man in Chicago as he seeks justice. The podcast is an absolutely compelling listening experience with a constant, gut-wrenching reminder of why change is so urgently needed.

13. The clearing

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (19)

There are many sayings about the family. You can even buy them woodcuts and spread them around the house. "You don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps..." or simply "Family is everything." April Balascio would probably like to make a giant bonfire out of these signs. She had always feared that her father was up to no good, but when she made up her childhood of endless moving at age 40, she called a detective with her suspicions. As it turned out, Edward Wayne Edwards was a serial killer, and April had provided the missing piece to a series of cold cases.

However, cleaning feels like so much more than just solving the unresolved. April's honesty with her father and her genuine search for the truth as she and host Josh Dean delve into Edwards' past make this an emotional journey. Complemented by footage of Edwards himself obsessively documenting it all, the podcast offers a chilling glimpse into a twisted psyche. One that was hidden until his daughter finally came looking.

12. Warhead

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (20)

The podcasts on this list tend to be about traditional police work. Solve the murder in physical form. boots on the ground Powder for fingerprints. But what happens when investigations go digital? Hunting Warhead is a captivating six-part series that follows journalists and law enforcement officers as they scour the dark web for sources of gruesome images of child abuse and the criminals involved. It is not an easy subject. Daemon Fairless's investigations mean we hear not only the voices of those trying to enforce justice on the internet, but those affected by these crimes firsthand.

Hunting Warhead is an essential reminder that the internet we experience every day is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital content online. As we do all our shopping and read about the best true crime podcasts on the light web, much darker and more disturbing content lingers for anyone who wants to find it. This is an insightful look at the challenges facing modern law enforcement in the always-online 21st century era.

11. The shrink next door

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (21)

You want your relationship with your therapist to be healthy; the only safe place where you can share all your innermost thoughts and feelings and not be judged. You pay for it, right? Well, there's nothing wrong with saying that this Bloomberg podcast from Wondery, the network behind Doctor Death and Dirty John, is of course not of the good variety.

(Video) Online Date Ends In Murder - The Horrifying Case of Samantha Lezark | True Crime Stories

Again, the less you say the better, but journalist Joe Nocera's The Shrink Next Door is a fascinating look at what happens when therapy goes so wrong that the right thing to do is basically a period. It's not easy listening and will leave you terrified of going to therapy again, but this is an even more brilliant podcast with a story that's effortlessly stranger than fiction.

10. The Professor's Pet

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (22)

Are spoilers still spoilers if this is real life? This is certainly a 21st century existential dilemma. I'll be wrong about the fact that they are, simply by pointing you in the direction of this spectacular multi-part series from The Australian, The Teacher's Pet. Investigative journalist Hedley Thomas presents this masterpiece of a documentary series as she uncovers the details surrounding the disappearance of Lynette Dawson, whom she left.lose- *cough* - from his family home in Australia in 1982.

If you're already screaming "husband did it" then you're no stranger to true crimes, but the stories surrounding Lynette's famous rugby-playing husband, Chris Dawson, are devastating. The interviews and the desperation of Lynette's family and friends for justice after 37 years make The Teacher's Pet a gritty and occasionally frustrating journey, but consider this your new Making a Murderer obsession.

Starting in 2022, you can now listen to The Teacher's Trial, a podcast following the trial of Chris Dawson, who was charged with Lynette's murder after the podcast's launch.

9. My favorite murder

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (23)

If you've ever heard someone say goodbye to their friends with the vaguely creepy "Stay sexy and don't get killed," don't panic, you've just found yourself next to some Murderinos, the collective term for My Favorite. Murder buffs. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff began recounting their thoughts on their pet crimes in a Los Angeles loft in 2016 and have spawned a veritable crime phenomenon ever since. Now the two have their own podcast network and still meet for two episodes a week to share their thoughts on all manner of reader-provided crime and murder in their hometown.

With their outspoken stance on mental health and their hilarious relationship, the duo perfectly balances the darkness of the subject with a healthy dose of humor. Here you will not find the forensically accurate version of events; there's a weekly "Corrections Corner" slot, but if you want to feel like you're listening to your friends chat about murder in the pub, this is the best truth crime podcast for you. It's time to sit hunched over and speak your mind.

8. Penal

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (24)

One of the most satisfying things about Criminal, aside from host Phoebe Judge's ultra-smooth tones, is its delicious conciseness. We all know that life is short, and if true crimes are to be believed, for some it is much shorter than for others. These 20-30 minute standalone stories are miniature pieces of sometimes haunting art that are perfectly suited to your journey.

From stories about the theft of prized poodles to the origins of the term Stockholm Syndrome to the story of the police investigator who donned a suit and dove into the La Brea Tarpits, each episode is a new journey into the truth that is stranger. than fiction. True crime podcasts can seem a bit same at times, but Judge always finds fresh voices to look at unique human stories from a new perspective. It doesn't matter if you start at the beginning, the end, or somewhere in between (you monsters), Criminal is always a surprise and will stick with you longer than most.

7. True Crime Profile

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (25)

Wondery's Real Crime Profile is hosted by retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente, former New Scotland Yard criminal behavior analyst Laura Richards and Criminal Minds casting director Lisa Zambetti. An ongoing weekly pod, this is perfect for fans of true crime TV, as the trio delves into cases made famous on shows like Making a Murderer, Evil Genius, The Staircase, and Tiger King.

Not content with one episode per show, however, the team focuses on one element of each case for each episode, ensuring the story revolves around the victim and consistently engaging in intelligent and informed conversations. After binge-listening to Netflix, if you want to dissect your new criminal obsession with the blood-soaked gloves and mask, it's essential.

6. Reveal: NXIVM Escape

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (26)

If I had to describe these podcasts as episodes of Friends, it would be The One With the Allison Mack Sex Cult. Yes, the Smallville actress.nowyou are interested. Uncover: Escaping NXIVM (pronounced Nexiom) is an eight-part podcast series that tells the inside story of Sarah Edmondson, an actress who joined the network marketing program and self-help organization only to discover someGravequestionable activities in the workplace. Can anyone else smell Kool-Aid?

The particularly interesting element here is that Edmondson is an old school friend of CBC journalist host Josh Bloch, which makes the story even more honest and unique. The NXIVM story is incredible, as Bloch investigates the cult (wait, I mean multi-level marketing companies) leader Keith Raniere, whose power over women frankly seems like a super villain. The case has made headlines and resulted in prison terms, so this is an absolutely perfect place to find the human stories behind the screaming tabloids.

And escaping NXIVM is just the beginning, Uncover constantly moves through a series of intriguing cases. The Village is a devastating investigation into a serial killer preying on men in Toronto's gay community, Sharmini delves into the tragic unsolved murder of a 15-year-old boy, and Satanic Panic is a fascinating look into the history headlines from daycare owners accused of Satan Worship and extreme child abuse.

5. The Last Podcast on the Left

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (27)

If you want to be that person on the bus desperately trying to put their fist in their mouth to keep from laughing at utter depravity, then The Last Podcast on the Left is for you. Host Ben Kissel, investigator Marcus Parks, and comedian Henry Zebrowski have logged over 350 blood-spattered episodes, but don't let that discourage you. Whatever your true criminal interest, it's here.

Whether it's serial killers, cults, or the paranormal, whether it's weird or disturbing, you can guarantee these three will enlighten you on the matter and leave you feeling extraordinarily guilty for wanting to laugh about it. It's important to note that while Zebrowski's brand of humor is a contagious variety of wacky, Park's meticulous research means he'll know far more about the horrors at work than his nightmares would let him know. Multi-part episodes about creepy true crime "big fish" like H.H. Holmes or Jeffrey Dahmer are unmissable trips towards the evil that men (and women) do.

4. Dr. Death

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (28)

The first season of this Wondery podcast is not about the horrible crimes of Dr. Christopher Duntsch before you or your loved ones go to the hospital. Medical journalist Laura Beil dissects the exploits of this neurosurgeon, trusted by patients to relieve their back pain, only to leave them maimed or worse. The second season is not really about the no less deplorable Dr.

In some ways, the depravity here seems even worse than the other crimes on this list. This is carnage lurking in the supposed security of the operating room. It's also worth noting that Dr. Death is not for the squeamish. Descriptions of surgical procedures are plentiful and fast-paced, pouring into your ears with a writhing physicality. These are situations that we all understand and are familiar with, making every word and description a gruesome journey into murderous negligence.

And if you've played all three seasons that are available now, Laura Beil is a busy person and also hosts Bad Batch, also from Wondery. This is a disturbing look at the stem cell treatment industry in the US and what happens when providers promise miracle cures without the backing of science.

(Video) 25 Cold Cases FINALLY Solved In 2022 | Documentary | Mysterious 7

3. Westkork

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (29)

West Cork was previously only available on Audible because it's an Audible Original, but now it's available on all podcast services, which means you'll have even fewer excuses not to listen. West Cork is a supremely compelling investigation into the mysterious murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Ireland in 1996. What is striking here is not only the focus on West Cork residents and the twists and turns at work, but also the many quotes from the men. , whom many believe he is the murderer. Like Serial, your inner knife of guilt will be a rocking metronome as this tangled web unravels. Prepare to lose eight hours in a very short time. As additional Audible Original podcasts, you can check out Body of Proof, an investigation into the conviction of an Edinburgh man for the murder of Suzanne Pilley, and also 2019's Murderabilia, a look at the criminal paraphernalia word used for ridicule. Total sold. online. Serial killer hair anyone?

2. Someone knows something

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (30)

Cold cases are fascinating, and it's easy to see why. These are unfinished stories, puzzles with only one important piece yet to fit. And yet they are often not good at looking or listening. We like endings where the villains are brought to justice and everyone lives happily ever after. It's even more amazing to hear Somebody Know Something, in which CBC's David Ridgen investigates a cold case season after season, and realize that the story itself is what counts here.

Ridgen's smooth storytelling and interviewing technique is compelling. Each of the now available seasons is packed with an evocative sense of location, with truly harrowing glimpses of those left behind after brutal crimes. The current sixth season investigates the case of Donald Izzett Jr., who has been missing for 25 years, his mother suspects that he was murdered, a fact apparently corroborated by a man who claims to have seen his body. Listening to Izzett's mother, Debra, as she seeks justice is difficult, but the lengthy investigation is a hopeful statement of a possible conclusion.

1. Serie

The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (31)

We can probably blame, or thank, series host Sarah Koenig for this comprehensive list of the best true crime podcasts. Maybe if it weren't for the staggering success of the first season of Serial, our thirst to pump mind-blowingly good documentaries into our minds wouldn't be as strong. Koenig details the case against Adnan Syed, the then-teenager convicted of the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. The Investigation is a ridiculously compelling listen. Incredibly, the case finally received an update in September 2022 when Adnan was released from prison. There's a bonus episode of Serial, but be sure to listen to the Undisclosed podcast for more on the case.

The 12 episodes that make up Season 1 are now the true kings of crime podcasts, and for good reason. Serial season 2 ended with the murder investigation as it followed the story of Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier captured by the Taliban, but now it has returned to its roots for season 3 where each episode explores a single criminal case.

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The 30 Best True Crime Podcasts to Kill Your Free Time (32)

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1. Serial. What is this? As one of the earliest true crime podcasts, Serial richly deserves the title of “an audio game changer.” After catapulting to success in 2014, the Peabody Award winning podcast remains as prominent as ever.

What is the #1 true crime podcast 2022? ›

1. Bone Valley (Lava for Good and iHeartMedia) Bone Valley is the best pure true-crime podcast series of the year.

What is the best free true crime podcast? ›

15 Best True Crime Podcasts That You'll Be Dying to Listen To
  • Google. Can't get enough of true crime stories? ...
  • Serial. ...
  • S Town. ...
  • The Dating Game Killer. ...
  • The Shrink Next Door. ...
  • Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia. ...
  • My Favorite Murder. ...
  • Killer Psyche.
Aug 16, 2022

What's the best true crime podcast right now? ›

The 50 Best True-Crime Podcasts to Listen to in 2023
  • Bruh Issa Murder Subscribe.
  • Bear Brook Subscribe.
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast Subscribe.
  • The Murder in My Family Subscribe.
  • Scam Goddess Subscribe.
  • Casefile Subscribe.
  • Criminal Subscribe.
  • American Radical Subscribe.
Dec 13, 2022

What is the #1 podcast in America? ›

Joe Rogan The Joe Rogan Experience

What is the 1 podcast in the world? ›

Top podcasts
Podcast Industry Ranking
Top 20 Podcasts
1The DailyThe New York Times
20 more rows

Where do I start with true crime? ›

A Guide to All Things True Crime for Die Hard Fans and Beginners...
  • Two Truths and a Lie: A Murder, a Private Investigator, and Her Search for Justice. ...
  • Abducted in Plain Sight. ...
  • Crime Junkie. ...
  • Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer. ...
  • Brooklyn North. ...
  • Dr. ...
  • Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit. ...
  • Hunt-A-Killer Board Game.
Jul 22, 2021

How much do podcasters make? ›

Typically, a podcaster with around 10,000 downloads per episode can expect to earn somewhere between $500 to $900. Very successful podcasts can earn much more, reaching up to $30 million in annual income. How much money you can make podcasting depends on a few factors.

Is there a way to listen to Wondery podcasts for free? ›

Listen in the Wondery app for free. Join Wondery+ for more. Discover a momentous event that happened 'on this day' in history, daily. Daily recaps of all things Bravo and beyond.

Who has the best true crime documentaries? ›

The Best True Crime Documentaries to Stream Now
  • Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer. ...
  • My Daughter's Killer. Netflix. ...
  • Mind Over Murder. HBO. ...
  • The Most Hated Man on the Internet. Netflix. ...
  • The Curse of Von Dutch: A Brand to Die For. Courtesy of Hulu. ...
  • The Tinder Swindler. Courtesy of Netflix. ...
  • The Lady and the Dale. HBO. ...
  • Our Father. Netflix.
Dec 12, 2022

What Navy SEAL has a podcast? ›

I'm Daniel Fletcher, welcome to The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, The Official Navy SEAL Podcast.

What are the most popular crime junkie episodes? ›

These are The 7 Best Episodes Of Crime Junkie Podcast:
  • Mysterious Death Of Michelle O'Connell. ...
  • Missing: DeOrr Kunz, Jr. ...
  • MISSING: Misty Copsey. ...
  • MURDERED: Kara, Kelsey and Jessica. ...
  • WANTED: Monster in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ...
  • MISSING: Women of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. ...
  • MISSING: Niqui McCown.
Sep 28, 2022

What is the most popular podcast right now? ›

Top 100 US Podcasts (Apple Podcasts Top Charts)
  • Podcast Name: Stolen Hearts. Network/Artist: Wondery.
  • Podcast Name: Dateline NBC. ...
  • Podcast Name: Huberman Lab. ...
  • Podcast Name: The Daily. ...
  • Podcast Name: New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. ...
  • Podcast Name: Crime Junkie. ...
  • Podcast Name: Morbid. ...
  • Podcast Name: The Mel Robbins Podcast.
Jan 12, 2023

Who has the highest rated podcast? ›

The top 10 shows based on measurement from Q3 2021 – Q2 2022 are as follows:
  • The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • Crime Junkie.
  • The Daily.
  • This American Life.
  • My Favorite Murder.
  • Stuff You Should Know.
  • The Ben Shapiro Show (up from #9 in Q1)
  • Call Her Daddy (up from #10 in Q1)
Aug 17, 2022

What is the most downloaded single podcast? ›

What is the most downloaded podcast episode of all time? This American Life is the most downloaded podcast of all time with more than 2 million people downloading it.

What are the top five most listened to podcast? ›

The Top 50 Most Listened To Podcasts in the U.S. Q3 2022
  • The Joe Rogan Experience.
  • Crime Junkie.
  • The Daily.
  • This American Life.
  • The Ben Shapiro Show (up from #7 in Q2)
  • Stuff You Should Know.
  • My Favorite Murder (down from #5 in Q2)
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast (up from #9 in Q2)
Dec 15, 2022

What is the most listened to podcast in the world? ›

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is the highest followed podcast in the world with more than 11 million listeners per episode.

Has a podcast ever solved a crime? ›

It's not the first time a podcast has helped bring closure to the crime it covered—Serial, the granddaddy of all true-crime podcasts, had an enormous impact on its first season subject, Adnan Syed, who was recently released from prison and cleared of charges after spending 23 years fighting a murder conviction.

Can you get paid to watch true crime? ›

If you're a true crime junkie, MagellanTV has the job for you. The documentary streaming service will pay one fan $100 an hour to watch a true crime marathon and post about it on social media.

Is it OK to listen to true crime? ›

“While there's nothing wrong with watching true crime shows or reading books on gruesome events per se, it's important to know when to stop and take a break to ensure that the consumption of potentially traumatic content doesn't become overwhelming.”

What is the best true crime story on Netflix? ›

Watch In One NightExplore more
  • World's Most Wanted.
  • High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule.
  • The Confession Killer.
  • Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.
  • Fear City: New York vs The Mafia.
  • Killer Sally.
  • Inside the Criminal Mind.
  • Evil Genius: the True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist.

Where is Tom Brown's body? ›

It was placed near where his remains were found on Lake Marvin Road. His family is unable to put him to rest because while the attorney general now classifies his investigation as a cold case, it technically remains open and his remains stay in a lab in Texas.

Can you make a living off a podcast? ›

With it comes more monetization opportunities for online creators. Although it requires hard work and dedication, it's definitely possible to start a podcast and make money from it. With the right strategies and dedication, you can even turn your podcasting hobby into a lucrative source of income.

How many views do you need to make money on a podcast? ›

To put harder numbers on it, many sponsorship agencies look for 3000 to 5000 listeners, per episode, before they'll take you on. But, if you're doing it yourself, it's perfectly possible to earn a decent sponsorship income once you pass the 200 to 300 mark, especially if you have a particularly niche audience.

Do podcast hosts pay their guests? ›

Typically, podcasts do not pay their guests. Their “Payment” comes from exposure to the audience as well as highlights to their services, e-books, products, etc. Even if a podcast is small now, there is an assumption by host and guests that the show will grow, and the exposure will increase.

What is the highest ranking podcast? ›

Top Podcast Charts
  • True Crime. Stolen Hearts – Wondery. ...
  • Football. New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce – Wave Sports + Entertainment. ...
  • Daily News. The Daily – The New York Times. ...
  • Games & Hobbies. Dateline NBC – NBC News. ...
  • Health & Fitness. Huberman Lab – Scicomm Media. ...
  • Games & Hobbies. Crime Junkie. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Relationships.


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3. The Strange Case of Matheau Moore | True Crime Documentary 2022
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4. VIDEO: True crime podcasts
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5. Murder of Farmer's Wife Turns Cold When Son Goes Free (Killer Cases)
(Law&Crime Network)
6. Watch Live: WI v. Darrell Brooks - Waukesha Parade Defendant Trial Day Nine
(Law&Crime Network)
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