The 7 Best 4 Season Travel Trailers to Stay Cozy in Cold Weather (2023)

Staying comfortable when driving an RV when temperatures drop is crucial to enjoying cold-weather camping. A four season camper is a great option whether you want to live in a camper full time or for a weekend to get an early start to the camping season. Today we are going to look at seven of the best four season travel trailers to make sure you are comfortable when the cold weather hits. Let's start! - What does "Four Seasons" REALLY mean with Josh the RV nerd?

What is a 4 season travel trailer?

You may see the 4 seasons sticker on the outside of your camper, but what does it mean? Unfortunately, the4 season camperThe designation is not standardized in the RV industry, so this badge has different meanings on different RVs.

In general, these RVs are better equipped for the cooler temperatures of the spring and fall and the higher temperatures of the summer. Many can drive in winter, but winter motorhome requires a bit more knowledge than what the label gives you. You need to do some research on the camper to find out how prepared it is for the elements.

➡ More information aboutWhat is a 4-season camper?

Key Features to Look for in a 4 Season Travel Trailer

While every 4-season camper is different, there are some common things to keep in mind when evaluating your suitability. Here are some of the things manufacturers could add to keep you warm during these cold months.


RVs typically don't have the best insulation for RVs. If you turn off the air conditioner, even for a short time, you will find that the temperature rises rapidly. The same goes for winter; cold air finds its way quickly without a constant heat source.

All-season caravans may have better insulation to reduce heat loss. This could make it a bit easier to maintain the ideal interior temperature, even in extreme conditions.

double pane windows

Windows are great on RVs until it's time for extreme temperatures. Those beautiful picture windows do little to keep the temperature in your camper. Choose a caravan withDouble glazed windowsReduces heat loss in winter and helps avoid scorching summer heat. In our opinion, this is the case.single biggest factorin distinguishing a true 4 season camper from one that is just fine in colder climates.

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Additional or more efficient heat source

Good insulation and double-glazed windows won't do you much good if you don't have a heat source. For the more extreme temperatures, you may choose to use both your propane stove and a space heater.

(Video) Best Recreational Vehicles for Extreme Cold Weather Conditions (4-Season Campers Reviewed)

Many trailers these days come with a built-in fireplace that acts as a space heater. Take special care with freestanding heaters. Take care not to place them too close to other objects, as this could cause a fire.

Most RVs are heated with propane gas.greenhouse for caravan. The stove must be sized according to the space and climate to which it is directed. While you can leave your stove on all the time to keep the interior warm, they tend to use up propane quickly. The best 4-season RVs have the proper insulation and construction to conserve propane and maximize efficiency.

Some recreational vehicles haveRV Heat PumpsThey're great because they run on electricity. When you're plugged in at a park, you don't have to worry about running out of propane. However, they usually only work up to about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. That's great for off-season weather, but it doesn't help much when you have really cold temperatures.

Closed and heated bottom

The best all-season campervans come with a closed or heated basementbottom with zipper. Because your RV is off the ground, air moving under your frame can quickly dissipate heat underneath. This serves as an added layer of protection against the elements.

Your basement has many important components, such as: B. your fresh water tank, sewage tanks, and plumbing. Additionally, a year-round RV should also have ductwork that conducts heat to the enclosed area of ​​the basement.

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All-season campers often have reinforced ductwork coming from the stove and air conditioning. This helps both hot and cold air reach the vents without much temperature loss. This booster can often keep you comfortable in your RV all year long.

You may even find that your tanks and pipes also have special ductwork from the furnace leading to them. This prevents lines and tanks from freezing in colder temperatures.

Pro tip:Do you like camping when it's cold? Here it isHow to drive a motorhome in winter.

The 7 Best 4-Season Travel Trailers to Stay Cozy Even in the Cold

All season travel trailers have many features to keep you warm and cool no matter the season. Now that you know how these features can make a big difference to your experience, let's take a look at some great options.

1. Outdoor-RV-Mountain-Serie

ThatOutdoor RV Mountain Serieshas three classes of caravans and a fifth wheel coming soon. Each class, separated by weight and length, has many designs. This is a newer brand on the market that has done reasonably well in the four seasons market.

In terms of 4-season features, these RVs offer thermal glass windows, cold weather kits down to 0 degrees F, triple-layer roof insulation, thicker doors, and insulated and vented skylights in the bedroom. They come with an "XL Stove" for more extreme camping, as well as heated and insulated holding tanks.

Neues 2021 Outdoors RV Timber Ridge 23DBS Mountain Series Four Season Trailer Walk Through

(Video) Best Insulated Travel Trailers 🚐: Ultimate Guide | RV Expertise

2. Northern-Lite Boreal

ThatNorthern-Lite Boreal, a four-season fiberglass travel trailer, seats four people and is 23 feet long. It comes with two 100 watt solar panels. Northern-Lite claims that Boreal is "the industry's first leak-proof, one-piece, seamless fiberglass device with 4-season construction."north litetakes pride in building its RVs to withstand cold climates. They have an excellent reputation for their very popular motorhomes and the Boreal is their foray into trailers.

This device does not have sliders, which makes it possible to regulate the temperature. The Boreal features a 13,500 BTU heat pump air conditioner along with a 35,000 BTU ducted furnace. Thermally insulated tanks are located in the basement. The insulation in this deck is rated R5, but the seamless fiberglass ensures no heat loss.

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3. Oliver's Travel Trailer

Oliver caravanathey have two trailers from four seasons in their lineup. Both the Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II are made in Tennessee. These GRP trailers have an elegant design with a double-walled GRP shell. These double-walled cases have an air gap and insulation in between to increase efficiency. The water tanks are located in the space between the shells, which protects them from inclement weather and temperatures.

The Legacy Elite is a compact 18.5 foot single axle travel trailer. This standard package includes an 11,000 BTU duct oven for even heat distribution. Oliver also offers double glazed windows. All Oliver's caravans are built to order.

Walkthrough of Die 2020 Legacy Elite Oliver's Travel Trailer

4. Polarfuchs North Fork

ThatPolarfuchs North Forkhas seven designs in its travel trailer program. All the trailers for him are set for four seasons. The smallest of the floor plans is thePolarfuchs 22Gat just 23 feet 10 inches. The largest of the group is thePolarfuchs 32Aadvertises 34 feet 4 inches. Each layout has a front bedroom and most have a rear living room. Some options have an aft bathroom.

Each floor plan is insulated with R-18 in the ceiling and has R-15 reflective foil insulation in the ceiling and ductwork. Also, each unit has heated tanks at the bottom. Arctic Fox has a strong reputation for building quality RVs and for meeting four-season capacity expectations.

2020 Northwood Arctic Fox North Fork 22G Reiseanhänger •

(Video) The Best RV Winter Setup: How to RV in Winter and the Gear That Will Keep You Cozy Warm!

5. Northwood-Nash

ThatNorthwood NashThe lineup features nine floor plans. The most compact isNash 17Ktotaling 22 feet 4 inches. the biggest is theNash 29Swhich is 32 feet 4 inches long.

All models are four-season touring trailers. They have R-14 insulation in the ceiling and R-15 reflective sheet insulation in the ceiling and ducts. Each unit is also equipped with heated tanks and closed bottoms. They have residential-style ducted heating and 25,000 BTU stoves.

6. Spear Travel Trailer

launch camper, a household name in the world of caravans, are known for their quality. They have 11 models of 4-season caravans. Pendant 1475 is the smallest, measuring 19 feet 8 inches in total length. For those looking for a longer trailer, the 2445 and 2465 are available in 29 feet 5 inches.

These year-round touring trailers have well-insulated, enclosed heated tanks. They are equipped with side walls, floors and roofs with aluminum frames. The walls are fully insulated with block foam, which helps maintain a constant temperature.

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Pro tip:If you know a thing or two about RVs, you've probably heard of Lance Campers, but do you know how he was bought by one of the largest RV companies in the industry today? read moreWho owns Lance Camper?

(Video) Cold Weather Camping with the 2018 Lance 2285 All Seasons Travel Trailer

7. Bigfoot Travel Trailer

When it comes to four seasons, we also have to mention the fiberglass Bigfoot travel trailers.big foot caravanis a well-known company that has had a niche in the all-round motorhome segment for some time. In your2500 series caravansThey have three models, the B17FB, the B21 and the B25. All of these models come standard with a 2-piece fiberglass exterior with high-density foam insulation and thermal glass windows. The foam is a 1 1/2″ R8 high density EPS insulation.

Sealed, heated water tanks are standard on all trailer models. They are heated by a 30,000 BTU duct furnace. These are powered by dual auto-swap 30+ lb. propane tanks that come with a molded-in fiberglass cover to protect them. Thispropane tank sizeit is quite large for standard caravans and will help reduce the number of recharging visits.

What brand of travel trailers are best for cold weather?

As we mentioned earlier, the "4 Seasons Certified" labels all mean different things. If you're really looking for four-season options, we recommend looking into the actual construction of the RV, not just the "cold weather package." While cold-weather packs help with cooler temperatures and are suitable for most camping trips, they typically don't include construction features like dual-pane thermal windows and better insulation. These make the biggest difference in performance and comfort.

All of the brands listed above are recognized manufacturers of fourSeason Travel Trailerwhich we would recommend. Bigfoot, Lance, Northwood Manufacturing, Arctic Fox, Oliver, Northern Lite, and Outdoors RV are proud of this four-season category and we think they are the best brands for cold-weather camping. Other manufacturers may just offer a cold weather pack to say they have it without intending for their customers to camp in sub-zero or blistering temperatures.

Enjoy longer camping seasons

No one has to cut their camping season short because of an early cold snap. Fall and spring are great times to camp, although 70-degree weather is rare. Fortunately, four-season trailers can help you spread out your camp, even if the cold comes early.

Do you think a four-season camper is a must?Write a comment below!

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